Hold the physician in
honor, for he is essential
to you, and God it was
who established his

From God the doctor
has his wisdom, and the
king provides for his

His knowledge makes
the doctor distinguished,
and gives him access to
those in authority.

God makes the earth
yield healing herbs
which the prudent man
should not neglect;

Was not the water
sweetened by a twig
that men might learn his

He endows men with
the knowledge to glory
in his mighty works,

Through which the
doctor eases pain and
the druggist prepares his

Thus God's creative
work continues without
cease in its efficacy on
the surface of the earth.

Sirach 38

Seven years ago the Rockbridge-Haiti Medical Alliance was founded with the Vision of serving the people of Fond-Pierre, Haiti and of fostering partnerships within the community.  Today we are closer to that Vision because of the love and kind support we have received over the years from folks like you.  As we celebrate our successes, we cannot lose sight of the continued needs of our Haitian brothers and sisters in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

RHMA continues to rely on your engaged and year-round support to aid our Mission of providing treatment to and improving the health and wellness of the people not only in Fond Pierre but also the surrounding communities.  Several years before the devastating earthquake in 2010, our foundation made a commitment to continue its support for the hopeful people of Haiti.  Now in 2015 we continue to support many activities including:

  • a full-time nurse working out of the free standing medical clinic
  • a continued relationship with a part-time Haitian physician who cares for the students of the school as well as the community, and works with the nurse to provide much needed primary care
  • supply thousands of dollars annually in much needed medications to stock our pharmacy in Haiti
  • health and wellness programs for school children and the community
  • promote and facilitate with our partner organizations the availability of fresh drinking water, a school lunch program and continued wellness programs at the school

Last year Father Roderick became the parish priest in Fond-Pierre and has continued to shepherd the community while being a wonderful advocate and trusted partner.  In 2016 we are planning a mission trip to Haiti and will be strengthening our commitment to the school children and surrounding community by furthering their health and wellbeing through expanded programs.  Each year promises to hold more hope for these wonderful people.

As we continue to further our Mission and Vision in Haiti, our greatest need is your continued support to help keep these programs going.  As you can see in the short time that our foundation has been in existence, we have provided, through the generous annual donations of our supporters, an opportunity for the Haitian people of Fond Pierre and the surrounding area, a chance for better health and a better life.

We are only as strong as our generous supporters and this year we ask you not only for your donation but that you spread the word of what our local foundation has accomplished. We thank you for all you do for the Haitian people and look forward to continuing our successful Mission and meeting our Vision for years to come.

Please consider your tax-deductible donation today.

Act by December 31st to help us purchase and send vital medications!

This year please consider a recurring monthly gift to help support our ongoing Mission in Haiti. Automatic donations can be set up through our website using the PayPal Donate Button. above

May God’s love for all the world fill your heart with kindness and charity,

Walter, Josh, Ursula, Craig, Beth, & Kelly

Rockbridge-Haiti Medical Alliance Board of Directors

Dr. Walter Kerschl
Co-Founder, President and Chairman
Rockbridge-Haiti Medical Alliance

Updated: December 2015