Hold the physician in
honor, for he is essential
to you, and God it was
who established his

From God the doctor
has his wisdom, and the
king provides for his

His knowledge makes
the doctor distinguished,
and gives him access to
those in authority.

God makes the earth
yield healing herbs
which the prudent man
should not neglect;

Was not the water
sweetened by a twig
that men might learn his

He endows men with
the knowledge to glory
in his mighty works,

Through which the
doctor eases pain and
the druggist prepares his

Thus God's creative
work continues without
cease in its efficacy on
the surface of the earth.

Sirach 38

RHMA Board Meeting Opening Prayer

Oh, gracious God, you have shown us the many glories in our world and you have also shown us poverty, the needs and the strife of people around the world, especially in Haiti. You have brought us together with a purpose and with love for each other and the Haitian people.

Bless us, Lord, as we come together as brothers and sisters to do your work in Haiti. We are weak and you are strong. Please guide each of us as we set out to govern this foundation, to spread the word of our mission, and to improve the lives of the Haitian people.

If we shed a tear of joy or sadness, may it be used to grow resolve and solidarity in each of us here today, with our community tomorrow, and with the impoverished people of Fond-Pierre, and surrounding villages, in the future.


RHMA Prayer

Holy God, in Your great justice and loving-kindness, hear our prayer:

For the mission and ministry of Your church, that the Good News of Jesus Christ may be proclaimed in all the world;

For the leaders and people of all nations, that they may live in peace and abundance;

For Your Good Creation, that its order and beauty may be restored;

For those who are suffering in any way, that they may know healing and support;

For all who minister in Your Name, that they may serve with Christ-like humility, justice, and love.