Hold the physician in
honor, for he is essential
to you, and God it was
who established his

From God the doctor
has his wisdom, and the
king provides for his

His knowledge makes
the doctor distinguished,
and gives him access to
those in authority.

God makes the earth
yield healing herbs
which the prudent man
should not neglect;

Was not the water
sweetened by a twig
that men might learn his

He endows men with
the knowledge to glory
in his mighty works,

Through which the
doctor eases pain and
the druggist prepares his

Thus God's creative
work continues without
cease in its efficacy on
the surface of the earth.

Sirach 38

The Rockbridge-Haiti Medical Alliance is an ecumenical Christian partnership serving the health needs of the impoverished people of Fond Pierre, Haiti and its neighboring villages.

The Alliance seeks to embody the living presence of Christ as The Great Physician through bi-annual medical missions, ongoing wellness education, and by fostering partnerships with Haitian-staffed school clinics. Although the primary focus is the village of Fond Pierre, RHMA will strive to expand joint ventures with other schools and churches around the Peligre Lake region.

RHMA holds as its primary value the sustaining of life in all forms and therefore follows both the ancient wisdom of the Hippocratic Oath as well as the particular genius of the medical and social teachings of the Roman Catholic Church as its guiding principles and framework.